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This place got game for dayzz. Took this video at the soft opening and wanted to set it to “Chariots of Fire” so desperately, but unfortunately that’s copyrighted!

Dramatic audio courtesy of Garage Band loops, specifically (in order of appearance) the loops “Dogma”, “Farewell”, “Soaring”, and “Pursuit”

Check this place out if you’re in the Marietta/Atlanta Georgia area!

Little bit of messing around, uploaded for public sketchbook purposes.

Not Dead

Only dreaming. Just a lot of stuff on the ol’ plate. I’m getting up to speed on a few projects, including the next playtest packet for the Quicksilver Engine.

Keep your eyes peeled.

The Quicksilver Engine: Official Development Blog 2.5

So Round 1 of the Playtest is well under way! I’d just like to post here with a couple announcements for the game going forward:

  1. Switching from d100 to d20
    I’ve been planning to do this for a while, and the playtests so far have reinforced it. This should help reduce the amount of math involved without changing anything mechanically.

  2. Diceless Variant
    I’m ready to start putting the diceless variant of the game into play now that I have a solid handle on the math. This system will replace the dice with a wagering system similar to a blind auction.

     At it’s most basic, it’ll work like this: when an Action is opposed (i.e. when the Heroes attack the Villain, or a Creature is between the Hero and a completing a Quest), each side will wager Energy/Threat instead of boosting like normal. Highest bidder wins, but no matter what the bids are lost.

    This system is similar to the one in the Game of Thrones Board Game when bidding for the Iron Throne. I can’t go in to too much depth right now as to how this works with all the other elements of the game, but it should change the game to feel more strategic without losing the unpredictability that dice add to keep the game fun.

So that’s basically it for now. No new graphics to show. Keep checking this blog for updates; I have a big piece of news that should be ready come March 15th.

With Apologies

So it looks like the playtest got held up in email limbo and I just now found out. Sorry! The email is sent now. I’ll be bundling a few things up and sending it out to all you patient playtesters as an apology for the tardiness.

Playtest Releases at 12 AM EST

So this is the final day to sign up for the first playtest! If you haven’t signed up and would like to participate in the growth of a print & play RPG/Board Game fusion, click here. For those that have signed up, the playtest will be in your email inbox at 12 AM EST.

First person to take a picture of themselves playing the game and post it on twitter or here will get a special super sekrit bonus for participating in the playtest. If you tweet the pic, just remember to include @QsEngine in the tweet.

New Logo for the Quicksilver Engine

I had some extra time to mess around with the logo and make it a little more clean. Whatcha think?


Edit: Also here’s the full text version of the title:


and the redesign of the Forging Quicksilver title:

Preview Q&A Session Starts Now!

Hey, just a little update here: Just 7 days left to sign up for the first public playtest! Again, the packet will be released on February 15th.

We’ve already got a really decent amount of people signed up, so I’m pretty excited.

I’ve been previewing elements of the game on the twitter account here:

I’ll be hosting an ongoing Q&A on there up until the release of the game, so if there’s anything you’d like to ask about the game feel free to tweet me the question or email me at Any really good questions will be going into the official FAQ on this tumblr, so have at me!

Just a little update for those not following on twitter

Here’s a link to the new character art stuff for the board game!

The Quicksilver Engine: Official Development Blog #2

First of all, I’d like to announce something.


Now ain’t that somethin’! I’ll be adding more details on these two settings in the near future. This’ll be here as a little teaser for you fine folks to enjoy. You may see me refer to these settings later as FQs and MI for short, because every system needs an alphabet soup.

So the rest of this is going to serve as a bit of a preview for the first public playtest, as I will be posting updated designs that will (in mostly the same form) be in the playtest packet. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were able to figure out how to play using these. I promise you’ll have an easier time with the five-page rulebook, though.

What’s Completed in Beta v1.1:

[QsE Action Mat Beta v1.1]


[QsE Build Mat Beta v1.1]

  • Design updates to the Action Mat, Build Mat, and rulebook to reflect theme
  • Fleshed out Forging Quicksilver (see the twitter for previews on this subject!)
  • Work completed on the Mercury Initiative. Look for twitter previews of this after the release of the first playtest
  • Icon redesigns finished

What’s on the Schedule for Beta v1.2

  • Character portraits for each pre-made Build in the Board Game Modules
  • Theme-specific token designs for in-person playtests
  • Test new Custom Setting Rules
  • Theme-specific map designs for each module
  • Get Sci-Fi setting ready for announcement

Now then! To those of you who made it to the bottom of this post, kudos! I’ve been really thrilled by the response I’ve seen to QsE; in only a couple weeks I’ve gotten more sign ups than I expect to in the whole sign up period. I appreciate each and every one of you who signed up for the first playtest and I want you to know that!

…which is why I’ll be adding an extra secret bonus for everyone who has signed up by February 15. I think you guys will dig it. See you in the next update!